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01. Roxette - Spending My Time (Freestyle Mix Dj Ws)

02. Duran Duran - A Matter Of Feeling (Freestyle Mix Dj Ws)

03. Europe - The Final Countdown (Freestyle Mix Dj Ws)

04. Patrick Swayze - Shes Like The Wind (Freestyle Club Mix Dj Ws)

05. Berlin - Take My Breath Away (Freestyle Mix Dj Ws)

06. Brenda Russell - Piano In The Dark (Freestyle Mix Dj Ws)

07. Elton John - You Gotta Love Someone (Freestyle Exclusive Rmx Dj Ws) 08. Ribin Gibb - Like A Fool (Freestyle Club Mix Dj Ws)

09. Tones And I - Dance Monkey (Freestyle Extended Mix Dj Ws)

10. Frente - Bizarre Love Triangle (Freestyle Mix Dj Ws)

11. Jon Anderson Feat. Vangelis - Deborah (Freestyle Extended Mix Dj Ws)

12. Menudo - If You're Not Here (Freestyle Exclusive Mix Dj Ws)

13. Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls (Melody Mix Dj Ws)

14. Slade - My Oh My (Freestyle Extended Mix)

15. The Outfield - Your Love (Freestyle Melody Mix Dj Ws)

16. Coldplay - Clocks Melody Remix 2019 Dj Ws

17. Tony Garcia - Just Like The Wind (Freestyle Extended Mix Dj Ws)


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Value: US$11

Pack Live Guto vol 1

R$ 50,00Preço

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